Singapore - Penang - Kuala Lumpur

Singapore - Penang - Kuala Lumpur
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 Singapore - Penang Kuala Lumpur (5N/6D)

  • H 1 : Singapore dan menginap di Singapore
  • H 2 : Singapore dan menginap di bus dalam perjalanan menuju Penang
  • H 3 : Penang dan menginap di Penang
  • H 4 : Penang dan menginap di Kuala Lumpur
  • H 5 : Kuala Lumpur dan menginap di Kuala Lumpur. Trip : Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur
  • H 6 : Kuala Lumpur dan kembali ke Indonesia


Penang (pengucapan / pənæŋ /; malay: Pulau Pinang IPA: [pulaʊ pinaŋ] adalah sebuah negara bagian di Malaysia, yang terletak di pantai barat laut Semenanjung Malaysia oleh Selat Malaka. Penang adalah negara terkecil kedua di Malaysia setelah Perlis, dan kedelapan paling padat penduduknya. Seorang penduduk Penang adalah bahasa sehari-hari dikenal sebagai Penangite.



Obyek wisata : Georgetown UNESCO Heritage Walking Tour, Pinang Peranakan Mansion Tour, Penang floating village of Chew Jetty (a UNESCO site), Cheong Fatt Tze mansion, Fort Cornwallis and Esplanade, Tea break at local street food stalls and Penang Road walking tour. 

 Putrajaya Sightseeing

Dari sumber : 

 Putrajaya [1], an "Intelligent Garden City" and the federal administrative capital of Malaysia, is a showcase city under construction some 30 km south of the capital Kuala Lumpur. Her adjacent sister city, Cyberjaya, is built along the same lines, but is aimed at attracting the IT industry. The area was formerly known as Prang Besar.



Putra Mosque

The Putra Mosque is a beautiful structure depicting the evolution of Muslim mosque architecture. Most of the building is actually built across the waters of the Putrajaya Lake while its pink dome and minarets are prominent highlights. Modelled with Persian elements and design, the mosque was constructed with rose-tinted granite and its interior laced with a valuable local species of wood. A magnificent structure, the mosque has a large prayer hall, a courtyard and even function rooms.






Putra Perdana Park

Putra Perdana Park is located in Putrajaya's highest point, enabling visitors to get a bird's eye-view of the city. Some of the attractions here include a 'Mercun Tanda', a time capsule structure detailing the history of Putrajaya while another is a plaza which is landscaped with trees and water fountains. Other places include a Fragrant Garden, gazebos and pergolas.

Putra Perdana Park (Taman Putra Perdana)

Located at the highest point in Precinct 1, this park is spread over 70ha. and surrounded by Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.

It acts as an intermediate between the natural domains to the north and the Government and commercial domains to the south and east.

As the park is located on one of the highest grounds in the city, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view Putrajaya.

Among the many attractions and facilities in this park are:

Putra Perdana Park (Taman Putra Perdana)

Mercu Tanda (Putrajaya Landmark) which symbolizes the beginnings of Putrajaya with its time capsule structure.

Its design is a combination of a high-technology theme and the use of contemporary and traditional motifs.

Plaza Mercu Tanda or Landmark Plaza which is landscaped with trees and water fountains; and The Perdana Mall which are pedestrian walkways linking the Landmark and Entrance Plaza to Cascade Plaza, Fragrant Garden, gezebos and pergolas.

Putra Perdana Park is open to the public Mondays to Fridays from 7.00 am - 8.00 pm, and on Saturdays from 7.00 am - 10.00 pm.



Dataran Putra

The Dataran Putra or Putra Square is a centre for holding national events and formal parades. Located in Precinct 1, it is a circular structure that is 300 meters-wide, surrounded by water beds, flowers and trees. The design incorporates many local motifs with a blend of modernity, creating symbolic meanings that reflect the unity of the Malaysian state.

Dataran Putra

A ceremonial tree-lined centerpiece of Putrajaya. Dataran Putra is 300 metres in diameter and adorned with local motifs, water and light features.

Its design has an outer 11-point star representing the 11 states when Malaysia first gained independence, an inner 13-point star symbolizing the 13 Malaysian states today, while the inner-most 14 point star represents the Malaysian states and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya.

Dataran Putra's linkage to Perdana Putra, Perdana Walk, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge and the Promenade makes it the most visited landmark in Putrajaya. It also links the Boulevard towards the city's Mercu Tanda (Landmark)










Bukit Jatisari Indah.
Jl. Taman Rambutan II B3 - 12B
Bukit Semarang Baru (BSB) - Mijen
Semarang - INDONESIA


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